Wednesday, June 3, 2009

day three - an evening in Bath

The east wind that had us sailing wing and wing dropped off short of the entrance to Bath Creek. We ran in under power. It was Monday of Memorial Day weekend, lots of people enjoying the holiday on the water. Mostly power boaters but a few sailboats too, certainly the most traffic we would see all week.

We followed the creek to the bridge and tied up at the last dock on the right at Bath Harbor Marina and Motel. That's me talking with Dirk while Bruce ran up to get us a room. I think Dirk was the dockmaster at the marina. He got us set up in a nice protected slip, brought us a spring line to get Spartina tied off so she wouldn't bounce against the dock or pilings. We really appreciated his help. Dirk told us where to find the keys to the marina van and pointed us to the store so we could get some more supplies. We got a room at a great rate and the slip was free. We were lucky getting the best room at the motel as there are only four rooms and with the holiday weekend they had been sold out. Our room opened up because someone left early in the morning. Can't beat that.

After a couple of days on the boat it felt good to stretch our legs We took a walk around town to see some of the historic spots. Black Beard lived on that point of land behind us in the photo above. Below is the interior of St. Thomas Church dating to the early 1700's. It's spooky to visit the church and walk through the old grave yard in the evening.

And we caught up on our rest. Nice to enjoy the air conditioning.

The rooms at the hotel aren't fancy, but they were comfortable. Just what we needed.

We set out all of our gear to dry in the room and Bruce got to work on dinner. Steak, thick cut roasted potatoes with onions and red peppers and corn was the menu for the night. Another great meal. Plus we had some Coronas from the grocery store. We ate on the screened in porch that looked out over the creek. After dinner Paul, the motel owner, let us use the washer and dryer to clean our clothes. These folks really know how to make life good for people on boats.

After three very full days of sailing it was nice to sit back and reflect on the trip. Everything had gone great so far. We had good vibes about the rest of the trip.

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