Tuesday, June 2, 2009

day two - south on a broad reach

The rain lasted maybe 20 minutes. We made one tack towards Bensons Point, came about and left Wysocking Bay as the skies cleared.

The wind out of the east hung in there and we coasted along the shoreline on a broad reach under blue skies. The rain storm was soon forgotten.

Life was feeling pretty good. This was easy sailing, making anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 knots towards Bluff Point.

We had been out for only a day but felt comfortable on the boat. Keeping a neat, well organized boat, at least for us, makes things a lot easier and safer. We never have to worry that something might go flying when a sudden storm or wind pops up. There is the collapsible cooler with dry ice, steaks and pork chops under the foredeck on the left, my duffel bag tucked up under the coaming in center (it is clipped on to an eye pad so it won't go anywhere if we heel over) and the stove wrapped in a tarp and bungeed under the coaming on the right.

This is the cook kit, tied in place on the bunk flat just forward of the thwart. The bungees across the top keep the lid in place, plus they make for a convenient spot to tuck away things like the rope I use to wrap the mainsail and stow our water bottles.

Under the foredeck the anchor, anchor bucket, mushroom anchor, gas can and porta potty are all clipped on to a small piece of rope that goes around the mast. Spartina can bounce around all she wants, these things will stay put.

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